So I got to talking with this guy that I had my eye on for awhile and within the hour of talking to him he asks for pictures. He provided them and they weren’t explicit at all bit I didn’t feel comfortable reciprocating. I asked if his intentions were sexual because if so I wasn’t interested in that but if not then just disregard what I have to say, and he chewed my head off. I was polite as could be, told him to not be offended and he has to understand I’m all woman, and as a woman talking to someone from the internet, we tend to bump into creeps and can only protect ourselves. Anyways he had a cow and I felt super bad and was extremely apologetic. But him freaking out just told me how guilty he was
I felt bad until today
A guy from okcupid messaged me and we got to talking, he made it clear his intentions and we had different intentions (his sexual desires) but alot of similarities and things in common and despite the difference, we carried on with the things we did have in common. He respected my difference and moved on. He didn’t belittle me, and went on to say it’s best to just put it all out on the table (agreed) but when in said that to the guy who freaked out on me i was “sad” and “rude” lmao okay.

Now I have no remorse and feel better about myself. t(Β°UΒ°t)


nothing makes me more sad and mad than seeing the nicest people being treated like crap

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